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Seasonals and Limited Releases

We brew the perfect beers for each season! Whether it's our spicy, warming Christmas Ale, our refreshing and flavorful Summer Ale or something in between we always have the right beverage to celebrate the season.

Oktoberfest- Our fall seasonal returns in time for the traditional Oktoberfest season! This German style Märzen is a rich, malty lager delicately balanced with imported Noble hops. A treat  best enjoyed during the fall season. Oompah band recommended for maximum effect, but not required.

Christmas Ale- Christmas Ale is a spiced ale brewed with the careful blending of orange zest, cinnamon, ginger and local honey. The marriage of these flavors produces a beautiful copper hue. Our most popular seasonal beer, it's best enjoyed with the company of good friends and family. Released in early November.