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Out of Production Olde Hickory Beers

Sometimes a good thing has to come to an end. Whether it's a recipe with hard to find ingredients, or an experiment using some special barrels, or even just a beer that we make a better version of now, there are some beers we just stop making. And so, here we have a list of out-of-production Olde Hickory beers. This isn't an exhaustive list - we made A LOT of beers over the past 9 years- but it has most of the beers we get inquiries about.

Now, we're not saying that these beers are never, ever, EVER, going to be made again. It's just a little unlikely.

Bardstown Brand Ale- Bardstown was the very first beer Olde Hickory ever bottled. Released in 2007, it was made in limited quantities- only about 150 cases total. A strong barleywine-style ale- 10% alc/vol- that was aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels for a year. Bardstown has a wonderful aroma of vanilla, fruit, smoke, oak and alcohol. On the palate you first taste sweet malt, vanilla, ripe fruit and raisons followed closely by the warmth of alcohol and tannic oak.

Seven Devils- An experiment with barrel aging.  We brewed a delicious Scottish-style Ale (anyone remember our Nessie's?) and aged it in bourbon barrels.Our brew master says "It's like drinking a candy bar." Notes of chocolate, caramel, and coconut blend with the caramel and roasty maltiness typical of this style of ale. Available on tap and in 22oz bottles. May return depending on our barrel aged beer schedule over the next couple of years. 8% abv

Orion- The third, and final, entry in our saison series, released in 2012. This one was brewed with rye to emphasize a spicy and earthy character. 8.5% alc/vol

Southern Belle- Was the second in our 2012 series of saisons.Southern Belle was brewed with Belgian malts, including acidulated malts which created a crisp beer with a little bit of tartness. It also used Styrian Aurora hops, a cousin of Styrian Goldings, which are often found in saisons, and lend a lemony citrus flavor and aroma which compliments the tartness of the malts. It was then aged in chardonnay barrels. These barrels were on their third use (for beers) and so the wine character is more subdued with a stronger oak character. 8.5% alc/vol

Saison Gee- Was the first Olde Hickory saison and one of three released in 2012. All the bubbly, fruity characteristics you expect from a bottle aged farmhouse-style ale, plus unique qualities derived from time spent in chardonnay barrels. It had a higher abv than is common for this style - 9.0%  alc/vol.

B's Nuts- Winner of the 2012 Olde Hickory  Pro Am! Brian Pesci's winning submission this a brown ale was brewed with a ton of pecans! 6.3% alc/vol

Eiraphiotes- Eiraphiotes was a very limited relase. An Imperial Pilsner we aged in chardonnay barrels, it began with a hoppy, floral nose, with a hint of grape skins. Fruity, medium body on the palate, with a malty sweetness, hints of grapes, a slight acidity and oaky dryness. Hops first on the finish, followed by sweet malt and finally dry oak. Available for a short time throughout NC in 750ml bottles and on tap in just a in a few locations.  Winner of a Silver Medal at the 2012 LA International Commerical Beer Competition!

Crawdad Red- One of Olde Hickory's early beers, this red ale was a fan favorite for many summers. With a light body, mild hop flavors, clean finish, and a deep red color, it was brewed in the tradition of the finest Irish ales. We may not be brewing Crawdad Red any more, but it is fondly remembered.
Dopplebock- Our Dopplebock may not have had the most original name, but it was a tasty example of the style! It was brewed with 100% malted barley, hops, and a special German lager yeast. Our Dopple-(”double”)-bock had the  rich malty body characteristic of the style on the front pallet, followed by a carefully balanced hop note with a lingering finish. It's alcohol content, at 9% alc/vol,  was towards the high end of the standard range.

Poor Richard's Ale- First brewed in 2006 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin's birthday. The basic recipe for Poor Richard's Ale was created through the research of historian Tony Simmons and resulted in a beer that contains many of the ingredients common to Colonial ales. New world corn and molasses joined malted barley and pure water to create a fine traditional brew Franklin would have been proud to drink.

Weizen-Bock- This was another (not so originally named) German-style beer we brewed several times. Our Weizen-Bock was inspired by the rugged majestic beauty of the Alps. Brewed with malted wheat and barley, select German hops and a special Bavarian yeast, it had the banana, clove, and slight bubblegum flavors this style is loved for.

Southern Cross - our hoppy, IPA-like pilsner made with New Zealand hops. Yeah, it's a little different. And a lot good!

Wake Up Bitter Ever wonder what could be better than an IPA? How about an IPA brewed with locally roasted coffee beans? If you agree, then Wake Up Bitter may be for you. Citrusy hops were selected to bring out the bright fruity qualites of the coffee, but don't worry the lightly roasty tastes of the coffee comes through just fine. Available in bottles and on draft.

Daniel Boone- What better way to celebrate the pioneer spirit than with a special beer? Daniel Boone is an imperial brown ale, aged in bourbon barrels. Tons of vanilla and brown ale sweetness on the nose and prominant bourbon character on the palate. A wonderful, limited release beer! 8.5% alc/vol

Olde Hickory Single Hop Series We've been experimenting with various hops through our Single Hop Pale Ale Series. Apollo, Bravo, and Delta hops are all out in various locations throughout NC. Find your favorite! Draft only.

Cuvee de Reinke  Winner of the 2014 Olde Hickory Pro Am! Winning homebrewer Adam Reinke joined us for the brewing of this Belgian-style blonde ale, brewed with orange peel. Relased in the summer of 2014, Cuvee de Reinke is only on available on draft.

OHB Belgian-Style IPA Inspired by the fact that a Belgian-style brew won the Olde Hickory Pro Am for the first time, our brewers decided to try their own variation. Brewed with orange peel to complement the hops and spices to partner with the character imparted by the yeast. Another draft only offering.