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Limited Production/Releases

We're always experimenting and trying out new varities and recipes as well. Keep an eye out for various limited production beers including our barrel aged series, dry hop experiments and collaborations! Some of these will be one-offs, other might end up being yearly or irregular  releases.

Lindley Park- An imperial stout brewed with honey and raspberries, then aged in bourbon barrels. Pure bliss. The chocolate notes from the stout come through and blend with the richness of the honey and the tangy fruit of the raspberries. Then add in the bourbon characteristics picked up from the barrels and you have a beer that will be delicious now, or age well if you want to save this limited release for a special ocassion. Pro tip - this is quite possibly the perfect beer for Valentine's Day, but there's no way it'll last that long in stores, so pick it up for your beer cellar when it is released!  10% alc/vol. 

Bestway IPA- Released on in irregular schedule. This India Pale Ale is aged with oak. Available on draft and in 22oz bottles for a limited time.

Redeemer- A big, delicious Imperial IPA. That's what you get when you order just a few (hundred) pounds too many hops! And lucky us I say. Columbus, Centennial, Amarillo, Cascade, and Zythos hops all play their part in making Redeemer a fantastic IPA you'll enjoy from start to finish. 10% abv

Bee Student A Collaboration for Education. Brewed with NC malts and honey with the input and assistance of students in Appalachian State University's Department of Fermentation Sciences.